The valvetronic exhaust systems originated in 1960 and appeared in Lamborghini, Ferrari and other supercars exhaust design. This technology was a major breakthrough in the automotive industry allowing to control exhaust gas flow and sound volume, and performance. This allowed sports cars to have high torque power at low rev speeds and even higher horsepower capability at high rev speeds. Fi EXHAUST design team not only designs and modifies exhaust pipes, but also applies this valvetronic technology to every exhaust system we manufacture. Our exhaust systems also provide Valvetronic capabilities even to vehicles not originally designed with valve control systems.

Due to legal regulation, OE manufacturer's are placing more and more restrictions on factory exhaust designs. These restrictions lead to poor exhaust efficiency and loss of the original sound character and ability of the engine. And just like a human body a car's engine needs to breathe to achieve the optimal sports performance. If the air flow is not smooth, the kinetic energy will be greatly reduced.


Therefore, by modifying the exhaust, not only can the exhaust efficiency be increased alongside the horsepower,  but also more driving enjoyment can be enhanced making it one of the most sought after and standard modifications for any car lover.

Before the inception of this technology, horsepower and torque were irreconcilable contradictions in the design of exhaust systems. Engineers reached a bottleneck in their attempt to address this issue. And when the exhaust engineers were about to give up, the valvetronic exhaust systems were invented.


Usually, after the exhaust is modified, the exhaust efficiency will be increased releasing more  horsepower. Fi EXHAUST's exhaust system has been dyno tested for horsepower and compared to the OE factory exhaust. Based on the dyno results the horsepower can be increased by 5 to 10% when using our full catless system. The torque will be relatively affected.


However, after the emergence of the exhaust valve system technology, the exhaust system can close the valve at low revolutions, and still retain the torque output.

The full exhaust will generally include, depending on the car model, the headers or downpipe, the mid pipe section, muffler, and exhaust tips that can be customized in different color. The midpipe and muffler sections are also called a catback. Fi EXHAUST catback and downpipes/headers can be installed separately depending on the driver's preferences for sound volume and horsepower.

Exhaust tips cannot be purchased separately from the catback exhaust system. Exhaust tips with Fi EXHAUST LOGO are the only part of the exhaust system that are exposed to the public. And to guarantee quality and authenticate our product tips have to be attached to our exhaust system.


However, if you're existing owner of an Fi EXHAUST catback exhaust system and would like to upgrade exhaust tips, they can be sold separately. Please contact our regional sales representative or a dealer near you.

Please contact your dealer to discuss how an exhaust upgrade will affect your warranty.

Fi EXHAUST offers a 1 year warranty. If you have any questions during this period, please contact your local Fi EXHAUST dealer or our regional sales representative to help you with our warranty service concerning repairs or replacements.

The process of modifying the exhaust will require professional knowledge, for example, locating car's ACC power supply when installing our remote control system. That's why we recommend that you use a Fi EXHAUST certified dealer to perform the installation and assist you with a warranty claim. However, to reduce installation time and hassle Fi EXHAUST products are customized and developed for each car model for the perfect bolt-on fitment matching with OE factory mounting points. If you have DIY needs, please contact your local dealer to obtain the relevant installation manual and guide.

If you are worried about the vehicle inspection problem, we sincerely recommend that you keep the OE factory exhaust system.

No cutting or welding is necessary when replacing OE factory exhausts system with the Fi EXHAUST. Our exhaust systems are developed based on each specific car models measurements for the 100% perfect fitment matching with factory mounting points.

The ECU tune is not necessary, but recommended if a driver wants to clear CEL, add extra horsepower, add pops and bangs to the exhaust note etc. Fi EXHAUST system provides visible benefits compared to the OE factory stock exhaust system right after the installation. However, the OEM manufacturer might have placed restrictions in the car's ECU that could prevent the car from using all this new gained performance capabilities that comes with a new exhaust system. Because the engine control unit is still operating under the factory rules, so it can’t exert its full strength. Therefore, full catless system and ECU tune modifications complement each other to achieve better results.


In the pursuit of greater sound performance with modified exhaust systems, vibration and drone in the vehicle interior has always been a great concern for many owners. Many other manufacturers, in their attempt at greater sound performance and also cost constraints, choose not to address the task of trying to eliminate drone/vibration within vehicle interiors. This will result in car owners needing to spend more money and time to find a solution for noise problems inside the vehicle. There are many possible causes of drone/vibration issues inside cars, including quality of construction, materials used, welding joins, thickness of exhaust pipes, and barrel design, etc. These factors deeply affect the possibility of exhaust systems causing drones/vibrations. Today, the Fi Team has eliminated all of these concerns through our continuous and rigorous testing process. When you install our Fi Exhaust Systems, all you will experience is the thrill of powerful sound without being bothered by drone/vibration inside the car at low RPM. So, what are you waiting for? Step on the throttle and hear the sound!


The level of drone will vary significantly depending on the installation method. It is recommended that after experiencing a severe drone, please return to the Fi EXHAUST certified dealer for an adjustment.

At present, due to local regulations, automobile computer systems will be equipped with oxygen concentration and flow rate detection devices in the exhaust pipes. Furthermore, cars produced after 2020 will be fitted with OPF (particulate filters). Because OE stock exhaust systems are designed to provide signals to the car's computer Fi EXHAUST OPF exhaust system version is also developed to reduce the chance of the check engine light appearing. But there is no guarantee.


If check engine light CEL appears, we suggest first using Fi Pro Control System upgrade and use our dedicated Fi Pro APP to detect and erase unwanted CEL. The App offer both Manual and Auto Scan functions to perform this action. If this doesn't work, the second solution is to perform ECU tune.

Fi EXHAUST’s Original series of stainless steel is made of second-grade medical grade stainless steel T304, with high strength and rust resistance, while the Signature series of titanium alloy is made of lightweight titanium alloy. For increased weight saving screws, clamps and exhaust valve housing which are made out of titanium alloy. Compared with stainless steel, the weight can be reduced by 46% on average. If compared with the original factory, the weight savings can be increased more than 50%. The heat resistance and strength are better than stainless steel. Because of the increased benefits the Fi EXHAUST Signature titanium exhaust system has become a dream modification for many car owners.

Fi EXHAUST Pro Control System upgrade version includes a new generation of control box, mobile phone APP 2.0 Pro version and a two-button style remote control.

• Monitor real-time valve status with Fi EXHAUST Pro App’s intuitive and friendly interface.

• Fi EXHAUST Pro App automatically scans and erases annoying CEL related to catalytic convertor.

• Customize what 2 buttons on the physical remote control do. Manually open/close valves or activate Auto Mode.

• Fast pairing and connection with Fi EXHAUST Pro Bluetooth.

• Pair multiple remote controls to Fi EXHAUST Pro App.

• Intelligent Fi EXHAUST Pro Version control box can be used with Fi EXHAUST vacuum valve system and OEM electric valves for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi models.

At the tail section of the exhaust, there is a barrel device, also called a muffler barrel. As the name suggests, it can reduce the exhaust volume. Fi EXHAUST will also change to a double barrel design according to the configuration of different models. It is controlled by a valve. Control the direction of the airflow to achieve the effect of controlling the size of the sound waves.


The internal design of the barrel will also affect the exhaust efficiency, noise reduction effect, and even the durability of the exhaust system. Fi EXHAUST's internal design of the barrel has been patented and is also one of the key exclusive technologies.

The sound of each car engine has its own sound characteristic. Many car owner have specific sound preferences making some of them even choose their favorite engine, because of the unique sound properties they produce. Fi EXHAUST team believes the sound is like the soul of a car. And there are two reasons for the difference in the sound. One is the model of the engine, and the other is the exhaust system. The exhaust system is like a musical instrument and our team designs the most optimal exhaust system in order to produce the most impactful symphonies.

Because the design of diesel engine has the characteristics of low revolutions and low fuel consumption, the sound wave is much smaller than that of gasoline vehicles. In this state, even if the exhaust is modified, the effect will not be significant. Therefore, it is not recommended to modify the exhaust of diesel vehicles.

If your product is out of stock, it will take two to three weeks for production and quality control packaging. If the exhaust is in stock, usually it takes 3-5 days for DHL international courier to deliver the package. Please note that the delivery time might be extended if the the package is stopped at the customs.


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