1 of 50, Limited Edition F10 M5 gets an exhaust upgrade.


BMW specialist youtuber Vehicle Virals has a 1 of 50 limited edition PURE METAL F10 M5, he wants the M5 to have exotic sound like a legit supercar, and Fi EXHAUST stood out to him. So, we partnered up with him for his F10 M5 project, replacing the factory M Performance Akrapovic exhaust system to our full Fi catless exhaust system.

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Watch the video, Vehicle Virals talks about how easy and simple to install an Fi EXHAUST system. Everything is bolt on like stock, there isn’t really an obstacle while installing the exhaust. The product quality really left this BMW specialist in oohs and ahhs, each part of the exhaust is polished carefully by our experience experts not just for it to be presentable but allows the air flow to be genuinely unblocked. The optional carbon fiber tips are super quality even compares to the M Performance ones, they look amazingly mad on the limited-edition PURE METAL M5, it really is a icing on the cake for the project.   


Vehicle Virals also gets the Fi PRO Remote, with an intuitive two button style remote control, he can easily control the valves whenever he wants. What make the Fi PRO intelligently useful is that you can download the Fi PRO application on iOS/Android phones to have the overall control of your exhaust system. Within the App, you can easily switch from Street and Race sound profile in a touch of the button just like our Fi PRO remote.


Take personalization further, users can monitor real-time valve conditions with the help of our smart and user-friendly interface. According to Auto Mode choice based on RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost, while Auto Mode is switch on the system will intuitively open the valves regarding on the auto mode way and set data unit, such as, at 3000 RPM. So that you will have more horsepower while in high RPM but not losing too much torque at low RPM while the valves are closed. 


1 of 50, Limited Edition PURE METAL F10 M5


Image source via Vehicle Virals Facebook


Vehicle Virals and Precision Sport Industries (located in Central Florida) are more than satisfied about the Fi EXHAUST based on the personal impression they shared, check out the video and his channel for more automotive contents, they are quality contents by a genuine Bimmer head. PSI also has quality contents on their YouTube, don’t forget to take a look.


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