MK1 R8 V10

Exhaust System


304 SST




Product Description



All Fi EXHAUST exhaust systems are equipped with valvetronic technology. This technology is not only used to control sound volume, but also enhance overall performance of the vehicle. Before the inception of this technology, horsepower and torque were irreconcilable contradictions in the design of exhaust systems. This allowed sports cars to have high torque power at low rev speeds and even higher horsepower capability at high rev speeds.

MK1 R8 V10


Fi EXHAUST headers boost the rate of the of the exhaust flow out of the engine compared to the OEM stock exhaust manifolds. It the perfect combination with Fi EXHAUST free flowing larger-diameter pipes and mufflers. For selected car models long tube headers are available to boost horsepower performance.

MK1 R8 V10

Standard Remote Control

Standard Remote Control system includes a control box and 2 standard remote controls, which allows users to open/close the exhaust valves or set on Auto Mode. Auto Mode settings need to be applied manually to the control box.

MK1 R8 V10

Fi EXHAUST Pro Control System

Fi EXHAUST Pro Control System control system consist of intelligent control box, sporty 2 button style remote control and mobile App.

*The mobile App scans and deletes CEL using manual or Auto scan on the engine startup.

* Monitor real-time valve status with Fi EXHAUST Pro App’s intuitive and friendly interface.
* Assign Auto Mode data values. Afterwards the system will intelligently detect engine RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost and turn on the valves.

* Each remote control button can be assigned with 1 function to open/close the valves or activate Auto Mode delivering more precision in the hands of the driver.

* The design is smooth and offers a nice grip, and the aluminum alloy ring can be customized in 14 different colors or switched to forged carbon with a unique marble like texture.

 Find more info about the Fi Pro.

MK1 R8 V10

Ceramic Coating

Fi EXHAUST eliminates traditional thermal insulation materials that contain toxic substances, and directly coats the exhaust pipe with a nano-ceramic coating to protect from corrosion, reduce heat exposure to heat sensitive components in the engine bay and keeps temperature low. It’s a great way to improve longevity of the exhaust and other components prone to thermal degradation like wiring.

MK1 R8 V10


MK1 R8 V10
In stock form, the 5.2L V10 made an impressive 390 lb-ft of torque and 497 all-wheel horsepower. But once flashed with Stage 1 VR Tuned ECU Flash combined with the Fi EXHAUST valvetornic performance catback exhaust system, a respectable gain of 10 lb-ft of torque and 40 all-wheel horsepower was noticed.




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