How Fi EXHAUST design improves performance for 720S?



McLaren 720S is one of the fastest production cars. And the car is a definite favorite among tuners worldwide. One clear reason is that McLaren 720S cost-performance tuning value is greater compared to other car models.

For example, with a full Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system installed horsepower is expected to be increased by 8%. Furthermore, combined with Stage 2 ECU tuning horsepower can be increased to an impressive 900 HP. However, other car models would require higher costs to achieve the same performance boost.




Next, there are 2 McLaren 720S Fi EXHAUST features we’d like to highlight that increase both torque and horsepower performance. The first unique design feature that improves gas flow greatly is the X-Pipe design. It makes the exhaust sound pitch higher and increases horsepower from 5% to 8%.




Secondly, the pipe diameter is larger compared to the stock one, which allows for exhaust gases to be released quickly and efficiently especially under high RPMs.

Fi EXHAUST team designs and customizes every exhaust pipe with precision and utmost care based on their original fittings, with the aim to greatly increase horsepower and torque performance through an optimal diameter ratio.




Fi EXHAUST's newest exhaust system performance accessories are these unique Forged Carbon Tips. They’re exclusive for McLaren and Lamborghini car models. The Forged Carbon Tips have a special granite or marble like texture and represent a new SuperCar beauty standard. The Forged Carbon Tips are resistant to damage, fatigue and moisture. And they match perfectly with other McLaren forged carbon parts.

SuperCars generate a lot of heat, which can cause thermal degradation of heat-sensitive materials like rubber hoses, plastic vacuum lines, wiring, etc. Therefore, to increase performance and extend critical component lifetime Fi EXHAUST offers heat protection for DownPipes or Headers.




For McLaren 720S Fi EXHAUST offers a special heat protection sleeve consisting of three material layers. The first layer is fireproof cloth withstanding temperatures up to 1100°C. The middle layer is made out of white ceramic fiber, which has low thermal conductivity. It’s an efficient insulation material for temperatures up to 1260°C. And the final layer is a beautifully designed thermo coat or jacket, which offers heat insulation and is waterproof and oil resistant.

In conclusion, to protect heat-sensitive components, extend their lifespan, and minimize points of failure we recommend upgrading McLaren 720S DonwPipes with a heat-protective sleeve.




In the future McLaren 720S Titanium CatBack valvetronic exhaust version is going to be Built to Order available. The Titanium Catback exhaust system is going to be 40% lighter than the stainless steel version. Fi EXHAUST 1.2 cm pipes are going to be thicker than other competitor titanium exhaust brands in order to ensure higher durability. The reduction in weight will provide an improved power to weight ratio resulting in better handling and acceleration.

There will also be a noticeable difference in sound when comparing titanium exhaust to standard stainless steel exhaust. And deciding between a Titanium or Stainless steel exhaust depends on performance needs and the client’s budget.



To summarize FI EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system is both visually stunning and increases the performance of the Super Series McLaren 720S twin-turbo V8 engine and offers heat protection in order to safeguard heat-sensitive components and extend their lifetime.