Proper Race Car Sound for 992 GT3!


Proper Race Car Sound for 992 GT3!




Frequency Intelligent Exhaust proudly presents the Fi Version Valvetronic System for the newest generation Porsche 992 GT3, both the Fi community and we have been waiting for this car to fit on Fi valvetronic EXHAUST for quite a while. Today, Racebox (insta) in Romania has brought us the freshness of this beautiful road monster.

With the engine has been updated, the exterior been renewed. It’s time for the exhaust system upgrade, the Fi EXHAUST has exclusively developed a brilliant exhaust system for the 992 GT3. With our valvetronic technology, the GT3 can truly reveal its potential on and off the tracks. The Fi EXHAUST system is compatible with the OEM valve motor, so you can keep the stock function of the interior. We removed the stock system’s restrictions like the OPF filter and replaces the factory bulky, heavy muffler into two side mufflers which is 25% lighter than the OEM. With enlarged pipe diameter, when the valves are open, the air travel is no longer sloppy like it does with the factory exhaust system. The airflow travels instinctively straight forward, clearer and unblocked which allows the car to have much more horsepower, also sounds more aggressive, sportier to match the motorsport spirit, in the end of the day it is a GT3 racecar. When the valves are closed, you can drive this piece of art from Stuttgart with no disturbance for the people around you, but you can still feel the 4-liter flat six engine pumping in a harmonious tune with passion.



It can be done by changing the OEM driving setting or you can easily control our valvetronic system, personalize desired sound volume based on your driving habits by using the Fi Pro Remote Control System that comes with a durable and futuristic design remote control and a mobile application functionality. The aluminum alloy ring on the remote can be customized in 14 different colors or switched to forged carbon rings with a unique marble-like texture.



Fi EXHAUST Porsche 992 GT3 (non-OPF / OPF) features:


· Full valvetronic catless exhaust system, which includes a valvetronic muffler and different color, material options of tips.

(Silver, Titanium Blue, Diamond Black, Gold, Carbon Fiber, Forged Carbon)

· Compatible with OEM valve motor

· OPF/GPF filter deleted for an increased exhaust flow, performance, and improved sound.

· Manufactured from a high-grade T304 stainless steel,

· Expert TIG welding techniques,

· Weight reduction compared to OEM/Stock exhaust,

· Street/Race exhaust sound profiles,

· Rigorously sound tuned exhaust sound frequency,

· Horsepower increase and low back pressure,

· Guaranteed bolt-on fitment using precision crafted design,

· Intelligent ECU exhaust control valve,

· Fi intelligent ECU exhaust valve flaps can be controlled using the OEM factory setting. 

· Fi intelligent ECU exhaust valve flaps can also be controlled with Fi Pro Control System (optional).