Gold Ceramic Coating: Next Level Heat Protection


JUST LANDED! Fi EXHAUST Gold Ceramic Coating

Having an excellent and superb exhaust is not enough! Adding extra protection to your exquisite exhaust system would bring alternative benefits. The ceramic coating protection is not all about the appearance, however, there are some good points that are rarely known by people. So here today we gonna share more in-depth information about the benefits of having a ceramic coating for your downpipes.

Fi EXHAUST is always at the forefront of coming up with new ideas for our community, that’s why we’re introducing a gold ceramic coating option for downpipes to create a custom design and aesthetic with a lasting impression.

And Fi EXHAUST has been a top choice for car owners seeking a high quality exhaust upgrade for their cars. And because we and our community are always looking to push the performance and appeal of our builds, choosing GOLD ceramic coating for the downpipes is the next level.

Your beloved car deserves the most stylish GOLD downpipe,  even with the color is hidden under the hood, yet you still know deep down you are da best! With this upgrade, you distinguish your car build from the rest and make the safest choice at the same time.

A sneak peek at some photos of the coolest golden downpipes!

Mercedes-AMG W213 E63/s ultra high flow downpipe with Fi EXHAUST gold ceramic coating. For reference purposes only.

Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider ultra high flow downpipe with Fi EXHAUST gold ceramic coating. For reference purposes only.

Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider ultra high flow downpipe with Fi EXHAUST gold ceramic coating. For reference purposes only.

Ferrari 488 GTB/Spider ultra high flow downpipe with Fi EXHAUST gold ceramic coating. For reference purposes only.


Top 5 Benefits of Ceramic Coating to Your Exhaust Downpipes

● Aesthetic

The gold ceramic coating adds a nice pop to your exhaust system. The color is so unique, they just look great and super aesthetic. It not only looks amazing but also prevents the parts of the exhausts from discoloration and flaking.

Those who pursue the stylish look of the downpipes and want to stand out from the crowd should definitely consider having the most dope and pushy GOLD ceramic coating from Fi EXHAUST.

● Improve Heat Tolerance

Ceramic is naturally heat resistant; the gold ceramic coating is available to withstand 1100 degrees Celsius. When the parts get red and then cool down, they go through the thermal cycle which over time it will degrade the metal, thus the coating will also help to reduce the thermal cycle and the surface temperatures, and decrease the exposure to a constant hot-cool cycle.

● Protection

When downpipes get the coating done, it provides protection against corrosive chemicals like oils, salts, gas, heat from the engine, and so on. It also restricts the heat emission under the hood. This means it is an extremely strong and durable substance that can endure corrosion and bear a huge amount of abuse. Moreover, Fi EXHAUST has the coating inside too, thus it helps to make sure the gases inside and the moisture both vents immediately or burns off.

● Extend Longevity

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality products that maintain their quality over extended time periods and use. And choosing the gold ceramic coating allows extending the product lifespan. The coating process can enhance durability and offer thermal insulation to the system. It gives a brilliant adhesion and resists abrasion. Having three high temp ceramic coating provides more protection in the long run and reduces potential harm by heat radiation done to other parts.

● Better Performance

Some car enthusiasts do ceramic coating also for one purpose! The performance of the car. Applying a high-temperature ceramic coating can help the efficient flow of the exhaust via the system become smoother. It allows the engine to burn more fuel and therefore more horsepower increased. At the same time keeps the temperature of the engine low and reduces the loss of power.

Even if you already bought the high-grade stainless steel or the titanium exhaust system, the ceramic coating helps in reducing back pressure that lets more release exhaust effectively and decreases thermal tumbling. It also means the heat soak in the engine has been reduced and it prevents the heat from fleeing the pipes, this minimizes the risk of the injury of other plastic parts, wiring harness, and the spark of the plug wires.

After reading this comprehensive knowledge of why the ceramic coating is important, now you have a better understanding than anyone else. What are you waiting for!


Available for selected models:

Mercedes-Benz :

W177 AMG A45/s

C118 AMG CLA45/s
W205 AMG C63/s
W213 AMG E63/s
W463a AMG G63
AMG GT63/s 4-Door coupe
AMG GT53 4-Door coupe

Ferrari :
458 Italia/Spider

488 GTB/Spider
F8 Tributo

Lamborghini :

F91 M8
F96 X5M/X6M
F98 X3M/X4M
F90 M5
G82 M3/M4
G20/G22 B58

Toyota :
Supra MK5 3.0T

Porsche :
992 Turbo
992 Carrera
991.2 Turbo
991.2 GT3
971 Panamera S
971 Panamera Turbo