Mysterious valves, the thing that even Bimmer heads don’t know about.



Performance cars recently are getting much more modernized accessories both in and out of the car than it used to before, they are getting bigger and much faster. That’s why certain equipment which were only available on supercars now can be spotted in performance cars, including valved exhaust system. But not just the valved exhaust system, exhaust, engine, and suspension settings can easily be set through the infotainment of the vehicle. But some of the function isn’t functioning in the way you think it is.

Today we have a stock G82 M4 here, we’d like to show you how is the stock valved exhaust system functioning. Then, we will install Fi version of catback, the end section of exhaust where the valves are located. And we will show you the clip of this M4 installed with Fi catback with stock exhaust button and Fi catback with Fi PRO remote control system. The difference can easily be felt.



Search “Fi EXHAUST Pro”, the users of Fi can download our APP on both Apple Store and Google Play. Within the App, users can set personalization and monitor real-time valve conditions with the help of our smart and user-friendly interface. According to Auto Mode choice based on RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost, while Auto Mode is switch on the system will intuitively open valved regarding on the auto mode way and set data unit, such as, at 3000 RPM.

The CEL issue could be solved by the Fi Pro Control System after installed the aftersales market exhaust. On an engine, start-up Fi users can turn on the Auto Scan function to scan and delete any CEL connected to the catalytic converter immediately. This effect can be opened on Fi Pro App and is available on chosen car models. Manual debugging can also eliminate the unwanted CEL attached to the catalytic convertor.