Why Am I Obsessed with the BMW E60 M5?


Remember that one car that got you hooked on cars? The automotive world's appeal isn't just about speed and looks; the unique melodies each engine produces add a whole new dimension. The BMW V10 S85 engine is one with a legendary story, being BMW's first and only production V10 engine, gracing the 2005-2010 E60 M5 and E63 M6, developed with inputs from BMW's F1 team.


Today, we're lucky to have Vehicle Virals from Florida, USA, a BMW fanatic, YouTuber, and a staunch user of Fi EXHAUST, to show us how he's set free the legendary E60 M5 using Fi's performance valvetronic exhaust system.


Craving Auditory Uniqueness

The S85 V10 engine boasts exceptional performance and a captivating supercar-like sound. After fitting the Fi exhaust system onto Vehicle Virals' E60 M5, you can clearly sense the high-pitched F1-inspired note. We're after that personalized auditory experience, achieved through a patented exhaust system. It's about making our vehicles not just modes of transport but personal statements. From deep growls to exhilarating roars, the self-developed exhaust combined with the engine's legendary sound becomes a symbol of our close bond with the car, fueling our quest for perfection in audio. The Fi performance valvetronic exhaust isn't just about sound; it's about feeling that rush of accomplishment and satisfaction every time you fire up the engine.

Fi EXHAUST E60 M5 Product Page

Seamless Bolt-on Fitment

Every Fi exhaust system is model-specific. It undergoes a development process that produces three different prototypes, refining each prototype's strengths into the final product. This tailored approach means the best combination and acoustic experience and installation is straightforward without any modifications needed. Our unique mandrel bender reduces weld points for enhanced durability, and the fish-scale welding technique strengthens connections for maximum safety. Despite being under the car, if you ever take a close look at a Fi exhaust, the dedication to detail and craftsmanship is our unwavering promise and ultimate support to car enthusiasts seeking upgrades.


As the installation wraps up in the video, you can catch Vehicle Virals' firsthand reactions. Owners who've fitted a Fi exhaust tend to drive around with a silly grin or burst into excitement - it's a common sight. If you're feeling that spark too, you can contact us. We're here to assist and explain all the way.