Fi EXHAUST Valvetronic Technology: How to avoid NYC's Noise Cameras?




As New York City gears up to combat the roar of illegally modified car mufflers and exhaust systems, Fi EXHAUST, the pioneers of cutting-edge exhaust technology, could be a solution that keeps car owners from paying hefty fines while still allowing to enjoy their ICE cars the way they were meant to.


Navigating the Potential Noise Camera Era


With a potential passage of the "Stop Spreading the Noise" Act, equipping the New York and even more other major cities in the future with acoustic, noise cameras to capture loud noises, car owners face increased scrutiny and potential fines ranging from USD800 to USD2625. And the cameras activate once detecting noise volume above 85 decibels or more at distance of 50 feet or more. Then the camera will start recording the vehicle its microphones has picked up.


However, at Fi EXHAUST's we have always presented owners with our valvetronic technology presenting a savvy way to navigate early starting up a car at early mornings and approaching new landscape.


How Valvetronic Technology Works


Fi EXHAUST's Valvetronic exhaust systems feature integrated valves that allow users to seamlessly switch between street and race sound profiles with the touch of a button. When valves are closed exhaust gasses are routed through the muffler resulting in a low-profile comfortable drive. When valves are fully open for maximum flow and performance it creates an exotic tone, intense sports car sound with signature Fi EXHAUST frequency.


The street sound profile is more subdued and produces lower sound volume. For example, our valvetronic catback exhaust system on a car model like Mercedes-Benz C118 CLA250 produces on average 75DB , while with valves open car owner can get more sound of their cars and driving enjoyment. The decibel measurement is going to be dependent on the car model and what exhaust setup configuration is installed on the car. Therefore, we ask car owners to contact us directly about questions related to their model. 


Mercedes-Benz C118 CLA250 decibel measurement with Fi EXHAUST valvetronic catback



This technology empowers car owners to control the noise output of their vehicles, adapting to different environments and regulations effortlessly.


A Sonic Symphony at Your Fingertips


Imagine driving through the vibrant streets of NYC, starting your day with a refined street sound and effortlessly transitioning to a sportier, more aggressive note when the roads permit. Fi EXHAUST's Valvetronic system not only ensures compliance with noise regulations but also enhances the driving experience by offering a customizable soundtrack to match your mood.