2024 Car Exhaust Modification Guide


Comparison between the Ferrari 488 GTB factory exhaust (right) and the Fi exhaust version (left).

Dear car enthusiasts, today we'll delve into the latest trends in modifying exhaust systems in 2024, specifically tailored for those interested in enhancing the performance of supercars and high-performance sedans.

In this era of rapid development in the automotive industry, the rise of electric vehicles and increasingly stringent emission regulations are reshaping our driving experiences. With the widespread adoption of Otto/Gasoline Particulate Filters (OPF/GPF) and strict global enforcement against noise pollution, exhaust valvetronic technology is becoming increasingly crucial.

Technology enforcement has become commonplace worldwide, and noise technology enforcement will become more prevalent. The image shows a noise camera in New York City.


Adapting to Noise Regulations – Save Your Wallet

In 2023, Taiwan implemented noise technology enforcement in 21 cities and counties, issuing over 5000 fines. For instance, in the United States, New York recently passed the "Stop Spreading the Noise" act, equipping sound-sensitive cameras to capture noise exceeding 85 decibels, presenting a new challenge for modified car owners.

Here, Fi EXHAUST's Valvetronic technology becomes the key solution to this challenge. This technology allows car owners to seamlessly switch between street and track sound configurations with a simple button press. When the valve is closed, exhaust gases pass through a muffler, creating a discreet and comfortable driving experience. When the valve is fully open, it generates a distinctive, pulsating engine roar for an exhilarating experience.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz C118 CLA250, our Fi valvetronic performance exhaust system averages a 75-decibel sound. However, when the valve is open, owners can enjoy more dynamic tones and driving pleasure. Whether the db reading abides the regulations will depend on the car models and exhaust setup installed on the car. Please contact our representative to get more details about your car.

This technology empowers car owners with the ability to control vehicle noise output, easily adapting to different environments and regulations. Imagine driving your modified car through the bustling streets of New York, smoothly transitioning from refined street sounds to more aggressive tones allowed by the road conditions. Fi EXHAUST's valvetronic system not only ensures compliance with noise regulations but also enhances the driving experience by providing customizable soundtracks.

Comparison of the Ferrari F8 Tributo exhaust, with the factory exhaust on the right. One can observe the significant difference in the OPF (Otto/Gasoline Particulate Filter) section highlighted in the red box compared to the Fi version.

Factory-Equipped OPF (GPF) – The Sound Suppressor

Next, let's talk about the widespread adoption of OPF (Particulate Filter) in new cars. As vehicle emission control becomes increasingly crucial, this poses another challenge for us enthusiasts, as OPF is commonly referred to as a sound suppressor. Apart from muting the exhaust sound, it also reduces exhaust efficiency. Therefore, many people, when discussing new cars, opt for the removal of the OPF, thinking that cutting it off would eliminate the need to replace the entire exhaust system.

It's important to remind car enthusiasts that this type of removal procedure typically doesn't involve disassembling the entire exhaust system. Instead, it entails lifting the chassis and performing the cutting and welding process. However, this approach increases the likelihood of welding defects. If the welds are not done properly, it may result in leaks or fractures, leading to more significant issues.

Fi EXHAUST utilizes CAD technology to ensure that each exhaust system achieves optimal fluid dynamics and enhances the quality of the exhaust pipe. By employing automatic bending and 3D cutting techniques, we aim to minimize the proportion of seams. Additionally, the entire section undergoes manual TIG welding to ensure a smoother and more durable exhaust system.

The comparison between Fi exhaust and other brands of exhaust pipes reveals that the Fi exhaust has significantly fewer welds. This is achieved through the use of mandrel pipe bending and 3D cutting technologies, which aim to minimize the proportion of seams and enhance the strength of the exhaust pipe.

Counterfeit Exhaust Systems on the Rise


A crucial reminder for car enthusiasts looking to modify their vehicles in 2024 is the proliferation of counterfeit products. Regardless of the brand, the aftermarket industry has observed this alarming trend, where counterfeit products not only exhibit poor quality but also pose potential threats to your driving safety. Therefore, learning how to distinguish genuine from fake becomes paramount.


Here are a few tips for identifying the authenticity of Fi exhaust systems:

1.      Understand the product components: Fi's exhaust system consists of the downpipe and mid-section (including exhaust tips). Understanding these components aids in recognizing the integrity of the product.

2.      Certification nameplate: Whether it's the downpipe or catback-section, Fi EXHAUST products feature a nameplate detailing the car model and serial number. If the nameplate is missing or unclear, exercise caution.

3.      Purchase from authorized channels: Only buy and install exhaust systems through Fi-certified modification workshops and dealerships. You can check Fi's official website for information on DEALER, ensuring you purchase genuine products and enjoy comprehensive warranty services.

4.      Follow official announcement: Follow Fi EXHAUST's official fan page on all socials to stay updated on the latest modification knowledge and product information.

By employing these methods, you can effectively avoid purchasing counterfeit products, ensuring that your modifications are both safe and reliable. Remember, modification is not just a means to enhance vehicle performance; it is also an expression of personality and taste. In the world of modifications, let's collectively pursue excellence and savor the thrill that modifications bring!

Lastly, let's heed the words of Fi's Director, Alan: "Modification is not only about enhancing performance but also about giving vehicles a soul." In an era constrained by regulations, modifying exhaust systems has become the key to infusing real life into performance cars.


When purchasing the Fi Exhaust, please pay attention to the original product content, the presence of the Fi certification nameplate (as shown in the picture), and the buying channel. Also, stay informed through official channels to access the latest modification knowledge and product information.