Aftermarket automotive community thoughts about Fi
Why Fi was the only exhaust mod for TheStradman’s next Aventador build?

Fi EXHAUST-Signature Titanium F1 High Pitch Version was unveiled on TheStradman's 1/1 Liberty Walk Aventador Limited Edition in Rosa Acantis. Because of the unique F1 design and titanium material the sound note is reaching a higher pitch in comparison to the Volcano Version stored on the iconic purple Aventador, which is the favorite modification he’s ever done to any of his cars. 

It's an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Increased weight saving measures went to every detail of the design to produce an ULTRALIGTWEIGHT exhaust that weighs only 8.41kg. And the Rose Gold coating sets the system apart from anything else available on the market. It’s an elegant choice and a unique system with “Strad” logo custom engraved on two center tips.

Vacuum cleaner transformed to a proper V8 American muscle.

Once again Frequency Intelligent just completely transformed this car. Sounded like a vacuum cleaner, but no more. - TheStradman

Fitted with Fi valvetronic catback and high-flow catless downpipes to release more performance and sound out of the V8 engine. And the quad titanium blue tips match perfectly with Pandem WIDEBODY color.

Fabio’s 991 GT2 RS tuned to Ridiculous 800 horses!

The owner of this incredible piece of German engineering is none other that Fabio Lanzoni. And he's a massive Porsche enthusiast. Therefore, he met up with the VividRacing team at Pirelli P Zero World in Santa Monica to test how many horses are still trapped under the hood.